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DIY Security Surveillance

By: John McCardle


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Does your home or company need a surveillance system yet you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to do it? With new technology it is easy as ever to set up your own security surveillance system!

At Total Logistics Solutions in Omaha, Nebraska we were able to cover our 110,000 sq ft warehouse by just spending $1500. This is not a cheap system either, the features include: night vision, hd 1080p viewing, motion detectors, an app to watch the cameras on your phone, email alerts, and a terabyte of recording space. The system we used was Q-See. I am sure there are other quality systems out there this is just what I came up with for the price range we were looking for.

You may be thinking that I have some background in IT that allowed me to do this, but I don’t. Coming into this I was just as clueless as you, if not more. Things I would look for to make this as easy as possible are power over ethernet cameras and a POE recorder. This will allow you to just run an ethernet cable directly from the recorder to the camera without having plug ins. You need to also remember that cable can only be run a max of 300ft, if your run is longer than this you will need a POE injector. Another thing you may need is ethernet cable. It took two 1000 ft cat 5e boxes to do our job. These do not come with ends on them though, so you don’t know how to crimp ends onto ethernet cables you can watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Rxu07WkGew. Finally, the last problem I ran into was port forwarding, you may need this to view over the internet. I cannot help you with this problem though I had to call an IT guy to do this for me. It took him about 5 minutes.

Anyone can set up their own security surveillance, if you can dedicate a little time. If not, I’m sure there are many companies out there that can help you with it. You may even want to buy your own system and have another company set it up.