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Go Green on Lights, Save Thousands

Does your company still operate with the old lampballast like the one pictured?  If so you are probably wasting thousands of dollars like we were.  Not only do they use almost twice as much energy as the new fluorescent ballasts, they are not as bright.  We at Total Logistics Solutions in Omaha, NE were able to remove 220 of the old lamp ballasts at our warehouse and replace them with 110 fluorescent ballasts.  The new ballasts with bulbs included ending up costing us around $11,000, although with the lighting program from our utilities provider they refunded us $5500 bringing the cost down to $5500.  On top of this we scrapped the old ballasts for another $2000.  Total savings a year on our lighting program came to almost $10,000!  Total cost our of our pocket was $3500, which we made back in a couple months on our electric bill.    

If you have the old lamp ballasts upgrading to fluorescent is a no brainer.  Check with your utilities provider on electrical savings, and also if they have a rebate you can take advantage of.

By: John McCardle


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