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Save Thousands Upgrad‍‍‍ing to LED Lights‍‍‍

By: Jo‍‍‍hn McCardle‍‍‍

As the world look to green energy and energy savings LED lights come in as a no brainer.  Having a 110,000 sq ft dry and cold storage warehouse in Omaha, NE we spend thousands on electricity every year.  Our LED light upgrade has saved us 50% of our electrical cost on lighting, which amounts to nearly $5000/year!  On top of that LED lights are brighter and easier on your eyes increasing employee moral. Making LED lights even a better deal our power provider OPPD offers a rebate which amounts to nearly $6000.  Our time to recover costs is a little over a year.  So after one year we will be saving $5000/year with better lights that can last up to 20 years.  What would you do with $100,000 saved over 20 years?

LED lights are a two lead semiconductor.  When a current is added to it, it sends electrons from the positive lead to the negative lead releasing a photon as light.  LED lights are relatively cheap, operating at a fraction of a cost of normal lights and last thousands of hours longer. These attributes make LED lights so popular today.  

Surprisingly LED lights also have a medical benefit!  Florescent lights suffer from a flickering, which sometimes you can see if you look at them.  This flickering actually causes migraines in many people.  It was noticed in a study at LeMoyne College in NY that when their lights were replaced with LEDs people suffering from florescent induced ‍‍‍migraines dropped by 80%.  The low ripple current from LEDs not only produced a better light, but it is healthier for you.

Not every LED is created the same.  Make sure you buy from a well respected source.  We bought ours from YellowBlueLED.  For more information on LED lights you can contact Dan Garvey at